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       The Who, What, and Why

Hey there, thanks for clicking in!


I’m Vivian and I’ll be the one you hear from on this blog.

Quick Personal Blitz!

1.     I’m currently a senior at UC Berkeley studying media and fine arts but will soon be at FIDM for fashion design.

2.     I once fit a whole slice of pizza in my mouth.

3.     I take at least one nap a day.

As a fashion lover and maker, I’m constantly seeking to evolve my style in inspiring and sustainable ways. As a competitive boxer, I’m fighting everyday to strengthen my mind and body through traditional and innovative means. As a bonafide life-er and foodie, I’m…well…trying to elevate everything there. So there you have it, the purpose of this blog: exploration and improvement.

A Fighter's Fashion is a style and wellness blog, where you can follow along with me in discovering ethical, sustainable ways to engineer a personal style, as I learn them. It is also the place where I archive and share my experiences as an athlete, food destroyer, and daydreamer. I hope for this blog to be a resource and a start to more conversations about slow fashion and self-initiated wellness.

Questions? Dire matters to discuss with me? From meditations on how fashion can be an environmental game changer to a new personal best in number of pizza slices eaten, I want to hear from you too!

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