For Those with a Flair for Drama: a spring to summer look book

With Nationals, graduation, and one research paper too many, it seems that spring has breezed right past me. Although the season is almost over, my love for pastels is eternal. So is my affinity for boots, coats, and all things that are wrong for summer. As a good ol’ challenge, I wanted to incorporate long coats, boots, and layers into these three sustainable, spring to summer looks. I mean, what’s not fun about breaking a few rules? For my fellow fashion enthusiasts in a harsher climate, I’m also sharing a few styling tricks with each look below on how to stay fierce without overheating. Here we go!

(alt) Rule #1: A good coat dress is a one-stop statement look that needs absolutely nothing else. A breezy pants-less silhouette means that you can make that statement without sweating up a storm.

Photos by Jacqueline Holben

Photos by Jacqueline Holben

I styled this look with nude fishnets and a pair of funky heels from Neous (courtesy of a friend). Nude fishnets add a pop of texture without the heaviness. I also highly support closet swaps or a look through friends’ closets to find that fresh pair of perfect shoes to complete your look before looking online or in stores.

If you ever heard the phrase “suffer for fashion”, this coat dress is absolutely the piece that makes it worth breaking a little bit of sweat. Vintage-found and reconstructed by the mastermind behind Ultra-Cat, this coat is a whimsical dream with a hue that speaks of summer. Unfortunately, the one-of-a-kind brand of Ultra-Cat means that this coat is…well, one-of-its-kind. But the lesson here is to buy consciously. Look for and invest in those special pieces, the ones that you can see yourself passing down to a daughter, son, or someone close that will love it just as much as you do.

(alt) Rule #2: Keep colors light if you dare to layer. 

Photos by Jacqueline Holben

Photos by Jacqueline Holben

Who says long coats are only meant for winter? For that unbelievable coat you feel must be worn year-round, keep cool in a pair of white jeans and comfy, white chunky heels. Go tonal by finishing with a sea-foam blue top, or any other color on the same spectrum.

This second coat is an example of what I mentioned above. Another Ultra-Cat piece, this coat is one that I pictured wearing year after year; one that will eventually be the most meaningful gift decades later to a daughter, niece, son (if he’s into it!), or a future protégé (who knows haha). This 1970’s vintage coat is real leather and made in the U.S. For those who love both the dramatic look of leather and fur AND ethical fashion, look to vintage and second-hand to minimize further harm.

(alt) Rule #3: Bring out the crop tops, bralettes, and off-the-shoulder tops because they are the perfect new pairings for your favorite jumpsuits. These pieces keep you breezy while balancing out the layers.

Photos by Jacqueline Holben

Photos by Jacqueline Holben

My lilac number is from “local to the bay” brand, Consttant. For a quirky, fun look, I paired the perfect spring overalls with a collared, cropped dress shirt from Behno, another ethical brand. I’ve been loving kitten heels so I finished with a pair of funky, low-heeled boots and just one earring from eco-conscious jewelry brand: Machete. (The boots are actually still available on!) For the warmer seasons, go with a lighter color palette for animal prints. They add the perfect touch of drama without disrupting your light spring/summer look.

With that said, I dare you all to look into your closets, pull out a few out-of-season pieces, and turn them into year-round outfits. After all, the key for a limitless closet isn’t buying a new wardrobe every season. The ultimate trick is having a creative mind, staple pieces, and a handful of broken rules.

Comment below with your thoughts on these looks and any ideas you have for taking winter pieces into summer!

Stay fierce,


Look 1: Ultra-cat coat dress, nude fishnets (30-wear), Neous heels (borrowed)

Look 2: Ultra-cat coat, American Apparel top, Zara mom jeans (30-wear), Zara heels (borrowed)

Look 3: Consttant overalls, Behno top, Machete tortoise shell acetate hoops, Ultra-cat boots